Short and Sweet

27-year-old computer engineer, previous developer, currently hacker/streamer working remotely from Norway for the US-based company TrustedSec. Member of the targeted operations teams, or “red team”. I hack stuff and develop tools to hack more stuff, sometimes while streaming Live on Twitch. Over the years, I’ve created and shared several somewhat recognized open-source tools with the offensive security community, such as SharpCollection, TeamFiltration, and AMSI.fail.

I don’t talk politics or religion, I’m easygoing, I don’t take myself too seriously, and I don’t expect others to either.

Long and Fancy

After finishing my bachelor’s in computer engineering, I started as a C# developer and Azure integration consultant. This experience allowed me to learn and contribute to developing and distributing backend infrastructure in a very modern CDI fashion.

My true passion has always been cybersecurity, and thus, while working as a developer, I spent my free time pursuing a career in offensive security. By the end of 2019, I earned a spot in the HackTheBox cybersecurity platform’s “Hall of Fame.” This achievement displayed my practical skills in compromising real-world applications and services within a controlled, competitive environment. With this placement alone, I was able to transition into a job as a Penetration Tester at BDO Cybersecurity in Norway.

As a Penetration Tester for BDO Cybersecurity, I began to create and maintain open-source tools to contribute to the offensive community. My involvement also includes hosting 5h3llcast, a technical cybersecurity podcast in Norwegian, streaming hacking-related content on Twitch and YouTube, and actively speaking at various industry events.

In 2022, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to join TrustedSec, for which I’m very grateful. Today, I am a member of the Targeted Operations team, carrying out red-team operations referred to as Adversarial Attack Simulations against Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

I continue to develop and share open-source and offensively targeted tools and techniques, most of which are made to support TrustedSec’s offensive security operations. In 2022, I presented at DEFCON, the world’s largest hacking and security conference, to publicly release TeamFiltration, a cross-platform framework designed for numerous offensive security tasks against O365 EntraId accounts.