Center of attention

I have spent many hours and late nights smashing my head against the keyboard “playing” HackTheBox, but in the end, it’s usually worth it. Considering the amount of time I have spent on the platform, it’s fair to say that I’m proud of my achievements! ( As everyone should be )

A virtual digital badge is cool and all, but you know what would be super dope? A real-life HQ sticker version! The HackTheBox badge consists of both low resolution static elements like icons, logo, and avatar, as well as dynamic elements in CSS. It doesn’t scale well at all and is 100% not good enough to “print” onto stickers.

Let me intrudce my latest waste of time, HTB-HDBadgeGenerator!
It will turn a low resolution badge like this

into THIS :)

Simply “print” the html file into a PDF and send it off to some random Chinese factory, 3 weeks later , PROFIT :)

Smack this puppy on your resume, and you are good to go :)